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Welcome to the land of Nairi

5 reasons why to travel with Sputnik Armenia

Our main goal is to make your stay in Armenia (and in other countries) interesting and unforgettable!


All you need to know about Armenia

"Armenia is a country of miracles.....If you ask me where one can meet more miracles than anywhere else on our planet, I would say, first of all, it is Armenia”. Rockwell Kent

Come to our country for miracles, if you believe in them, and "SPUTNIK ARMENIA" TOUR OPERATOR will help you feel these miracles. We will make your trip to Armenia bright, interesting, unforgettable and full of great impressions.

Armenia is an ideal place for the most demanding tourists. Here everyone can find any entertainment and joy. Armenia is open to everyone: lovers of classic architecture will admire the ancient temple of Garni, monasteries of Geghard and Tatev, Haghpat and Haghartsin. A country with ancient history has not wasted its talents and skills in creating khachkars, cross stones with unique carvings. After listening to duduk, it seems you have touched the Armenian soul.

Armenia will be interesting to history lovers. The mountains of this country keep many secrets about the lives of people in those days when there were almost no cities and states. It is Armenia, that the first state where  Christianity was adopted as a state religion, and it is the great Armenian scholar Mesrop Mashtots who  created the Armenian and preserved the Armenian alphabet for centuries. It was the Armenians who managed to collect and preserve the largest collection of ancient manuscripts.

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Mice tourism is a perfect way of combining business with pleasure. This kind of tourism presents unique opportunities for business development, information exchange or introduction to new technologies, MICE is an informal conversation with old partners and meetings with prospective investors, customers and suppliers.

The MICE industry is a service industry combining trade, transportation, finance, and travel. The MICE industry is extensively and rapidly growing in Armenia and is largely associated with travel for business purpose. Armenia with its stable politics, rapid growing economics, richness in culture and history together with its beautiful landscape and friendly Armenian people always promises all international MICE clients unforgettable experiences and events.

“Sputnik” Armenia tour operator besides many kinds of tourism is also specialized in MICE and helps to plan, book and facilitate conferences, seminars and other events. We will offer a well-planned agenda with Conference & Banquet Halls, Exhibition Centres, Auditoriums & Stadiums for hosting opening/closing ceremonies & other events; Accommodation in 5* and 4* hotels, Restaurants & Bars.

Our package of MICE includes:

  •  Taking care of all the arrangements for the group’s travel and stay
  •  Getting the best deals on hotels for the events
  •  Services, insurance and foreign exchange assistance for Armenia tours
  •  Event planning and coordinating the group’s activities at the destinations
  •  Personalized travel services for all members of the group
  •  Dedicated customer care service & corporate relationship management

Just simply give us your inquiries with number of people in the group, we will take care of the rest!
Your event can be a great event. Plan and carry out each detail with the support of our experts


Our company has a wide choice of transportation: buses, comfortable micro buses and cars. We will provide you with any transport means during the excursions, give complete information on driving rules and terms, and organize transfers. Besides it “Sputnik” Armenia works with a number of car rental companies, providing automobiles corresponding to all standards of technical requirement and safety.


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