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Excursion program in Armenia with national cuisine tasting․  Armenian food in different parts of the country, green organic, cooked with love as hospitable people of Armenia offer to the guests!  Welcome to taste dolma, lavash, khorovats, qabab and many more dishes in Armenian cities and villages. 


1 day: Yerevan

Arrival at the internation airport “Zvartnots”, transfer to the hotel. Accommodationand rest. You will have a city tour around Yerevan. Visit to the History Museum of Armenia and other places of interest of the city.

Dish of day: Tolma, one of the famous dishes of Armenia, is a mincemeat with rice, wrapped up in vegetables: pepper, tomato, eggplant or in grape leaves.

2 day: Garni-Geghard (80 km)

Cultural excursion day. Departure for Garni, a summer residence of Armenian kings. Visit to the pagan temple of Garni (I century). Proceeding to the monastery complex of Geghrad (12-13 centuries), listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Return to Yerevan. Visit to Matenadaran, a research institute of ancient manuscripts.

Dish of day: Khashlama is made of mutton or lamb meat.  During the preparation meat becomes softer and broth smells with aromas of fresh vegetables and greens. Onion, tomatoes and pepper are also added in Xashlama.

3 day: Echmiadzin (40 km)

Departure for Echmiadzin, the administrative and spiritual center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Visit to the Mother Cathedral of Ejmiatsin, to the museum near the church and the monastery of Hripsime. Return to Yerevan. Visit to Vernisaj, an open-air market of handmade products.

Dish of day: Kufta – the pride of the Armenian cuisine. The legend says that kufta was made this way:  beef meat was beaten off on flat big stone with wooden hammer before it transformed into a vicious homogeneous weight.  During this process a bit water and salt are added. The meat is give a ound form.

4 day: Dilijan-Sevan (200 km)

Departure for Dilijan, called “Armenian Switzerland”. Visit to the Monastery of Haghartsin (11-13 centuries), located in a very picturesque landscape. Proceeding to the Lake Sevan, the “blue pearl of Armenia”. Rest in Sevan, if it’s June-September.

Dish of day: Trout:  Sevan is rich with fish. Trout is an ornament of Armenian cuisine, boiled or in the form of kebab.

5 day: Khor-Virap- Noravanq (260 km)

Departure for Khor Virap, located on the Armenian-Turkish border, visit to the church of St. Astvatsatsin (17th century). Proceeding to the Monastery of Noravanq, rocky ledge of a picturesque canyon. On a way back stop in Areni for wine tasting at a local wine factory.

Dish of day: Barbeque is one of the most famous dishes of the Armenian cuisine. Pork or mutton meat, cut in small slices, is seasoned with different spices and stored for some hours. Then it is prepared on coals on metal or wooden skewers.

6 day: Amberd (120 km)

Departure towards mount Aragats, the highest peak of Armenia (4090m). Visit to the castle of Amberd (10-12th centuries). Return to Yerevan. Visit to Brandy Factory. Cognac tasting.

Dish of day: Khash is a liquid hot dish on bases of beef eaten traditionally early in the morning. Finely chopped garlic, a lot of spicy greens such as parsley, celery and coriander are put on a plate. Spicy radish and lavash are rubbed separately.

As a starter people in Armenia eat milky soups or broths. And as a main course And as a sweet dish in Armenia are often used dried fruit: peaches, apricots, pears, apples.

7 day: Transfer to the airport. Departure.

The program is a subject to change.