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Medical Tourism In Armenia

  • Written: 2024-07-25 08:39:06
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What makes Armenia such a good destination for medical tourists? There are places which are not only tourist destinations in Armenia but also the highest standard of healthcare in a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

 “Aya Maria” Wellness SPA Resort opened its doors in 2012. The center has become a native and favorite place for many people .

The founder and director of the center is the psychologist,  a coach,  a valeologist Anahit Hakobyan. According to the founder, the idea of ​​creating a center was born 20 years ago. As a result, the center was based on an example leading resorts in Switzerland, Italy, Israel and other countries.
However, the center ”Aya Maria” is unique in its kind. In the wellness center you can see the only Armenian bathhouse in Armenia that was designed for similar system of heating of the bath, located near the temple of Garni.

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