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Excursion program with Wine & Brandy Tasting in Yerevan Brandy Factory, Areni Village wine tasting and tour. 

Enjoy the classical wine and organic food in Armenia!


Day 1: Yerevan. City tour

Arrival in the Airport Zvartnots, meeting and pick up to the Hotel.

Yerevan City tour, visit Erebuni museum – fortress, the History museum and the Memorial Complex Tsitsernakaberd. Visit Yerevan Wine Factory and wine tasting.

Day 2: Garni-Geghard

A drive to Garni and Geghard. Visit architectural complex Garni (1st. c ) and the monastry complex Geghard (12-13th. C ). On return visit Champagne Factory and wine tasting.

Day 3: Ejmiatsin – Zvartnots

A drive to Ejmiatsin, visit St. Gayane (7th. C), St. Hripsime (7th. C) churches and the Cathedral (4th. C). Enter the Cathedral museum. Proceed to Sardarapat, visit Ethnographic Museum of Armenia. On the way back visit Zvartnots church ruins (7th. C).

Day 4: Yerevan

Visit Matenadaran and children Picture Gallery. Visit the Ararat Brandy Factory, an excursion and brandy tasting. Walking by the Vernissage – open air handicraft museum. Visit a Concert Hall or the Opera House.

Day 5: Sevan – Dilijan

A drive to Lake Sevan, observing monastery on the peninsula (9th. C ). Proceed to Dilijan, Haghartsin monastery observing (11-13th. C ).

Day 6: Khor Virap – Noravank

A drive to Khor Virap viewing the monastry. Proceed to Vedi to see Vedi Alco Factory and wine tasting. Visit the monastry complex Noravank (13-14th. C). Visit Areni wine factory in Areni village and wine tasting.

Day 7: Ashtarak – Saghmosavank – Ohanavank

A drive to Ashtarak, observing the churches Karmravor (7th. C) and Tsiranavor (5th. C). On the way back viewing the monasteries Saghmosavank and Ohanavank (13-14th. C). Free time. Farwell dinner.

Check out, pick up to the Airport Zvartnots.