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Tours in Armenia

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7 days / 8 nights

Day 1: Yerevan, City Tour
Arrival at the International Airport “Zvartnots”, meeting and transfer to the hotel.  Rest.  Breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast you will have an unforgettable   tour around our amazing city. You will  see  the main landmarks in Yerevan –the Opera and Ballet house , the Cascade, which is a walking square with modern sculptures by Bottero , the statue of  “Mother Armenia”,  where from a stunning view over the capital opens. You will visit the Matenadaran, research institute and depository of ancient manuscripts, and the National Museum of History. Next sightseeing worth visiting is Tsitsernakaberd, the memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 2: Yerevan – Garni – Gheghard – Yerevan
Breakfast at the hotel. This day you will see two pearls of Armenian architecture -monastery  complex of Geghard (XII-XIII centuries) and the pagan temple of Garni, dedicated to the God of Sun.
According to a legend the spear that pierced Jesus Christ’s body was hidden for a long time among the rocks of the Geghard monastery. That’s why it was called “Geghardavanq” which is translated from Armenian as “Monastery of spear”. 
Garni was a summer residence of  Armenian Kings. It is the only building preserved in Armenia after the Christianity adoption as the state religion.
Return to Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 3: Yerevan – Echmiadzin – Zvartnots – Yerevan
Breakfast at the hotel.
You will have a great opportunity to see the administrative and spiritual center of the Armenian Apostolic Church– Echmiadzin. We will visit the Cathedral, one of the oldest Christian churches in the world. The word “Echmiadzin” is translated from Armenian “Only Begotten fell”. The etymology of the word is linked to the vision of St. Gregory Illuminator, according to which Jesus came down from heavens with a golden hammer and showed him the place where the first Christian church should be built. In Echmiadzin you will also see St. Hripsime church (VII century). The church is considered an example of religious perfection of Armenian architecture .
On the way back you visit the ruins of the Zvartnots cathedral (The temple of angels ), built in the seventh century. Return to Yerevan. The tour day will be ended with an excursion to the “Ararat” brandy factory, where you will taste some sorts of famous Armenian brandy. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 4: Yerevan – Haghpat – Sanahin – Yerevan
Breakfast at the hotel.
Your tour day will be in the north of Armenia,  Alaverdi, the  third city for its importance of industry. We will visit the two medieval monasteries Sanahin (IX-XII centuries) and Haghpat (XI-XIII centuries), famous cultural centers, where in the middle centuries philosophy, theology, painting and medicine were taught . Both monasteries are included in the list of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.
Return and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 5: Yerevan – Sevan – Goshavanq – Yerevan
Breakfast at the hotel.
The Blue pearl of Armenia Lake Sevan  will be seen and amazed   by you. You will go up the peninsula and see   the churches St.Astvatsatsin  and   Sevanavanq (9 century). Proceed to Tavush  region and visit  Goshavanq  monastery (XII-XIII centuries), located on the banks of the river Aghstev. The monastery is directly connected to the name of  Mkhitar  Gosh, the author of numerous parables and the first Armenian Criminal Code, which was used for centuries not only in the courts of  Armenia, but also in Georgia. Return and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 6: Yerevan – Khor Virap – Noravanq – Yerevan
Breakfast at the hotel.
our tour day we start proceeding to monastery Khor Virap (XVII century) where from a magnificent view to the biblical Mount Ararat opens, where according to the Bible, Noah’s ark came down . Next point of our tour is Noravanq (XIII-XIV centuries) situated  among a picturesque gorge with caves and red rocks . On the way back we will stop at the village Areni and  taste perfect Armenian wine.
Return and overnight in Yerevan.

Day 7: Yerevan – Amberd – Saghmosavanq – Yerevan
Breakfast at the hotel.
On the last dayof your stay in Armenia we would like you to see Mount Aragats -Armenia’s current highest peak (4095m ) and the river Qasakh , located in the picturesque gorge. The region is famous for its national sweet named  “Sujukh”, but foreigners called it “Armenian sneakers”. We will visit Amberd, a fortified town in the Middle Ages (X-XII centuries),  2300m above the sea level. And village Saghmosavan with   monastery Saghmosavanq (XIII-XIV centuries), famous for its library. Return to Yerevan. Evening is free and you can enjoy it just walking in bright peaceful streets of our beautiful city.
Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 8: Yerevan
Check out. Transfer to the airport for your international flight.

The program includes:
- Transfers
- All excursions according to the program
- English (Italian ,Russian)speaking guide service
- Museum entrance fees
- Accommodation in the hotel(8 nights)

The program does not include:
- International flight
- Trips
- Personal expenses