Old Yerevan Tour – Nostalgic Images and Memories

Old Yerevan Tour – Nostalgic Images and Memories

Old buildings are around us. Each of them has its own story.

Buildings and architecture of the Soviet period tell the story of the past. Architectural monuments of Soviet modernism, established in various locations in Armenia, live near us and remind about the times when people treated another way, loved another way and felt another way…

The buildings  stand in silence but they have so much to say…

● Youth House in Yerevan

Built in 1983, the Youth House, despite numerous disputes, was demolished to build a modern hotel on its territory.

● Tsitsernakaberd

The memorial dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide was established in 1965, when people demanded to perpetuate the memory of historical events in architecture. Thus, in 1967, the opening of the monument on the project of architects A. Tarkhanyan and S. Kalashyan was held.

● The metro station “Yeritasardakan”

The name of the metro station is connected with its close location to most universities in Yerevan. Most students come here and return home from this metro station too. This station reminds everyone of the serene years of college students and evokes warm memories

● Sports and Concert Complex

The idea of the project belongs to Karen Demirchyan – the 1st secretary of the Central Committee of the CM of Armenia.

Тhe building is like a swallow’s nest, that’s why it’s called.  А  lot of concerts, important events from year to year are held here. Everyone who finds himself in the walls of this building, feels its solemn atmosphere.

● Zvartnots Airport

After the new modern building of the airport was built in 2007, the fate of the old building was in question. Nevertheless, the building is a cultural architectural value. It is a symbol of Yerevan.

● The Cinema “Russia”

The Cinema “Russia” was considered the largest cinema in Armenia, accommodating 2500 visitors. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the cinema was abandoned, and then in the 1990s, commercial tents were set up here. Over time, Russia has become a shopping centre. A lot of people like meeting there and the name “Russia” is not only the place in Yerevan, it is the heart of the capital too.

● The fence in Proshjan street

The author of the project is Eduard Tangyan. At first glance, not so significant work as a result became the most recognizable among the rest of its buildings.

● The sculpture “The Seagull”

The monument in the form of a double-wing composition made of reinforced concrete was installed in 1960 near the city of Abovyan. At a time when the Soviet authorities were against “architectural excesses”, the monument was demonstrated to Khrushchev, who remained extremely unhappy with the sculpture.

● The Museum of the Mikoyan brothers

One of the brothers Mikoyan worked as an aircraft designer, and the other was a government figure in the Soviet period. The construction of the building is also similar to the gull wing.

● The monument devoted to the 50 anniversary of the entry of Armenia into the USSR

The monument is located in the city of Dilijan, which today is famous for modern schools AYB and UWC. The triangular plates of the monument symbolize the number of decades. The museum is a  living history of the Soviet period in Armenia.

● The fountain in Gyumri

The appearance of the fountain is so expressive that even without the action of water displays its function. An abandoned water composition symbolizes the once prosperous city. Everyone who comes to Gyumri tries to find the time for visiting the place.

● The observatory in Byurakan

The dome of the building of the observatory resembles the astronaut’s helmet in shape. Being situated in a picturesque place, the observatory attracts attention and makes you think about  the times we lived during the Soviet Union period.

● Echmiadzin diving tower

The abandoned tower is in the old sports school for children in Etchmiadzin. The tower saw a lot important events and now it symbolizes the sport role in the country.

● Observation platform on Lake Sevan

This construction, established in the 1970s, is called “fish tail” by locals. The magnificent view of the lake can be opened to everyone.

 The old days have passed, there are no people who built all this beauty. There were only living monuments of the past history. And will we keep them? Each structure says that it is experienced. Probably, our descendants should also be imbued with everything what  pleased us…

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