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Winter in Armenia

Winter in Armenia has its own beauty.  It is family and warmest season.  Each Armenian family gets ready to host guests in their houses, and every home becomes a celebration place.  Most fun is for children.  They love especially Santa and his presents.

Yerevan in winter sometimes is sunny and cold, and sometimes white, snowy and warm.  Outside cafes are closed, but some of them are made into winter cafes, that are heated and crowded too.  You can have a beautiful winter walk in Yerevan Republic Square.  Armenian people just love to go downtown, especially when the Square is decorated with the Christmas Tree. Streets are lighted, there is music starting 9:00pm at the Fountain.

Tsakhkadzor is another winter destination for skiing in the north of Armenia.  The town is developed into a ski resort.  Many tourists and visitors love the experience of skiing in Tsakhkadzor mountains.  In the Soviet times there were 3 ski lifts taking tourists to appx. 2500m level, where they could ski. Later forth lift was built, which was taking people to another peak.  Now they are 2 ski trails.

Jermuk is a mountain spa town in the south of Armenia.  During Soviet times it was one of the most popular medical resorts.  The ski fields are smaller in Jermuk, but are modern.  Jermuk is also a place for winter sports.

Since Armenia climate is continental, we enjoy snowy winters and sunny and warm and in some places hot summers.  So be prepared for white and snowy adventure in Armenia. Winter in Armenia is both beautiful and fun. So where would you like to spend your winter in 2018?

New Year & Winter Tour 

The winter tour around Armenia and the New Year celebration with friends and relatives will take you to a fairy-tale country, where hospitality and a new, previously uncharted world  wait for you. 

You will see how the lavash is prepared on the eve of the New Year and you will walk in the streets of the festive Yerevan, where the vanity and expectation of a miracle just hang in the air.

The ancient churches of Dzorahbour and Jrvezh will reveal the mystery hidden for millennia, but kept from generation to generation.

New Year and Christmas, national cuisine and customs of the country – all this is far from a fairy tale, and reality, if you go with us on a magical journey…

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