Travel in Armenia – Top 5 Experiences

Travel in Armenia – Top 5 Experiences

Lovely, kind, hospitable country! Many of our guests leave their reviews on our Travel Reviews section.  This article uses comments, suggestions of our guests to comprise a useful list for people planning to travel to Armenia.

Here are five most memorable experiences from trips in Armenia.

Yerevan – Capital of Armenia.  It is tourist friendly city, especially around the downtown, diversified, full of culture and spirit, safe to walk in the streets, with cafes, restaurants and stores on every step. Pubs, bars, shops – you can find everything!  The oldest street is called Abovyan Street from the heart of Yerevan Republic Square.  Walking by the talking fountains, up the street on the left the Northern Ave opens up leading to the Opera House.  For sure just browsing on Abovyan, Tumanyan, Teryan, Sayat-Nova, Northern Ave, taking photos or drinking coffee, resting on the comfortable benches is an astounding feeling of peace and relaxation.  And you also will be able to take part in the culture: you see young people around all the time either walking or resting, almost always there is some event happening in  these areas: in the Winter time – New Year and Winter Celebrations; Spring is colorful season with flowers, Easter eggs, blossoms; Summer – time of fountains, “poolpoolaks” (drinking water from a stone), water splashing, ice creams and cold drinks allover; and the Fall is decorating Yerevan with hundreds of colors, Golden Autumn celebrations and shows.

Be sure to take time just browsing in Yerevan! Don’t miss even to shop in shopping malls, buy gifts in crafts stores, visit flea market (Vernissage), and meet artists.  Take stairs on Cascade up to Monument and take a shot of Yerevan with Ararat view!

Getting around in Armenia: take the trip to South Armenia. Day-trips include Khor-Virap and Noravank tours, however, if you like to go further to the south up to Goris and Tatev, better plan to overnight there in Tatev or Goris, so you will not be in a hurry and can enjoy your time.

One very impressive sight to see in the southern area of Armenia is Khor Virap (deep pit)an Armenian monastery located in the Ararat plain in Armenia, near the closed border with Turkey. It is the most visited pilgrimage site in Armenia. You can go down the pit, where the Grigor Luisavorich (St. Gregory the Illuminator) was imprisoned for 13 years before curing King Trdat III of a disease. This caused the conversion of the king to Christian believe.  This sight always impresses visitors with the view to Biblical mount Ararat.

Хор Вирап Армения

Geghard Monastery (Armenian: Գեղարդ, meaning “spear”) is a medieval monastery towards the Northern area of Armenia. It is being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. The monastery of Geghard contains a number of churches and tombs.  The monastery was famous for its relics, including the Relics of apostles Andrew and John, donated in the 12th century. The site is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Beautiful acoustics inside the monastery lures visitors to sing spiritual songs, unless tour companies ask singers to entertain and amaze the visitors.

Ancient Armenian Observatory, Karahunj, Zorats Karer. It is also often referred to international tourists, as the Armenian Stonehenge. Karahunj is a village and rural community (municipality) in Armenia in Syunik province, and there is an archaeological site located near the village.  Large monolithic stones stand aging stoically in a circle on top of a grassy field just like English Stonehenge. But Armenian Stonehenge is rather too old and can be grand parent to the Stonehenge!

 Amberd fortress, on the slopes of Mount Aragats at the confluence of the Arkashen and Amberd rivers in the province of Aragatsotn, Armenia. The name translates to “fortress in the clouds” in Armenian. The complex of Amberd Fortress Castle includes the defensive walls, the castle, bath and the church. It worth hiking up to the defensive complex, through the gorge.  Engine medieval Armenian village life by walking around in Amberd.

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