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DETOX Tour in Armenia


Do you want to reset your metabolism, cleanse your body from accumulated toxins, get rid of stress, fatigue and extra centimeters and start to lead a healthy lifestyle?
”Aya Maria” Wellness SPA Resort offer a special program of personal detox, physical activity and SPA procedures.

Program includes:
● individual diet
● psychological consultation
● breathing exercises
● art program
● physical exercises
● salt room
● SPA (acupressure massage for feet with tourmaline stones, massages, wrappings, pillings and hot bath procedures)

As an outcome:
● general body detoxification
● elimination of spinal problems
● cleansing of liver and kidneys
● revealing the cause-effect relationship of the disease and formation of new habits
● prevention from apoplexy, heart attacks and cancer
● immunity and nervous system recovery
● purification and recovery of the cardiovascular system and digestive organs
● increasing elasticity of blood vessels
● recovery of blood circulation
● regulation of blood pressure
● body and skin rejuvenation

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