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“Sputnik” tour operator offers medical tourism in dentistry.
During your stay in Armenia for treatment “Sputnik” provides you with accommodation in hotels of any categories, transfers and excursions(optional), and “ESTROMED” dental clinic helps you to treat your teeth.


● Initial dental consultation
● X-Ray
● Anasthesia

Therapeutic dentistry
● Caries treatment (tooth fillings)

● Root canal treatment
● 1 canal
● 2 canals
● 3 canals
● Hart to reach root chanal treatment
● Cleaning (plaque)
● Cleaning (stones)
● Iaser teeth whitening

● Closed curettage of two jaws
● Open curettage of one segment (without bone material)
● Gingivectomy of one segment
● Treatment of gingivits
● Exostosis removal

● Fixed prosthesis
● Noritake
● Ivoclar design
● Metal pin
● Solid metal crowns
● Ceramic free
● Ceramic crowns
● Ceramic inlays
● Ceramic veneers
● Temporary plastic crown

Removable prosthetics (dentures)
● Plate prosthesis
● Plate prosthesis
● Prosthetic prosthesis

Surgical dentistry
● Easy tooth extraction
● Difficult extraction of tooth
● Removing retainers teeth
● Tooth root resection
● Apechectomy

Dental implants
● Alfa dent Israel without abatment
● SGS Switzerland without abatment
● Nobel biocare without abatment

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