Western Armenia

10 days/9 nights

There is an ancient saying: “If there is a heaven in the sky, then on the ground there is Lake Van”. And to be sure of the accuracy of the above, we suggest that you go to this particular tour. You will be amazed by the extraordinary acquaintance with Kars, one of the five capitals located in the territory of Western Armenia. An impregnable fortress of the city will tell about it much more than any textbook. The whole panorama of the city is visible from there.  The houses of black stone and the ruins of the house of the Armenian writer Yeghishe Charents are situated in Kars.

Further, the city of Ani is the eleventh capital of Armenia. The unfinished churches and the ruins of the majestic houses will appear to your eyes.

Mount Ararat – biblical and mysterious – everyone’s dream! It is you who should conquer it, in order to understand the holy greatness of antiquity …

The first capital of Armenia Van will give you the splendor and power of the ancient civilization, which lost in time, but has not been forgotten to this day. The Van fortress, mausoleums of the Armenian kings Argishti, Menua make you forget the present and completely plunge into the past…

And now you are already at Lake Van and you feel the azure beauty of this extraordinary miracle of nature. The state of tranquility and peace will take you from head to foot. You will see something that you did not imagine! Dare and discover the horizons you do not know!

What is the price of the tour?



Day 1: Yerevan – Garni – Geghard

Meeting at the airport “Zvartnots” and transfer to the hotel.
A trip to Garni – the former summer residence of Armenian kings.   Then there will be the inspection of the pagan temple of the Sun (1st century AD) – an architectural monument of the Hellenistic era.  Then you will have the trip to the monastery complex Geghard (12-13 centuries.), entered in the world cultural heritage of UNESCO.  The separate structures of the monastery are carved in a monolithic rock. Visiting the Vernissage in Yerevan –  the fair of folk artisans in the open air.

Day 2: Echmiadzin – Sardarapat – Zvartnots (140 km)

The trip  to Echmiadzin is visiting  the spiritual and administrative center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Visiting the Cathedral (4th c.).  The presence on Sunday service and inspection of the museum exhibits at the church.   Then there will be the inspection of the church of St. Hripsime (7th c.).   Then you will have a trip to Sardarapat and a visit to the Ethnographic Museum of Armenia. On the way back, there will be a survey of the ruins of the Temple of the Bending Forces of Zvartnots (7th century).

Day 3: Khor Virap – Noravank (260 km)Spring Tours

A trip to Khor Virap, located near the border with Turkey, a tour of the Church of the Holy Virgin (17th century). From the territory of the monastery a magnificent panorama of the biblical mountain Ararat opens. A trip to the unique monument of Armenian medieval architecture – the monastery of Noravank (13-14 centuries), located on the rocky ledge of the grandiose canyon. On the way back, there will be a stop in the village of Areni for wine tasting at a local winery.

Day 4 : Yerevan

You will have the City tour.  You will visit the Erebuni Fortress Museum (782 BC) and the Historical Museum of Armenia. Then there will be the  Matenadaran – Institute of Ancient Manuscripts. Visit Tsitsernakaberd – Memorial complex of victims of the 1915 genocide.

Day 5: Haghartsin – Sevan (260 km)

You will have a trip to the high mountain lake Sevan (1900 m) which is the “blue pearl of Armenia”. Then prepare for overview of churches on the peninsula (9th c.). A trip to the mountain resort of Dilijan, located in the middle of a picturesque area called “Armenian Switzerland”. The survey of the monastery complex Haghartsin (11-13 centuries)is a great pleasure.  Continue  the trip to the north.  Your overnight  will be at the hotel.

Day 6: Armenia-Georgia-Turkey (400 km)

A trip to the north of Armenia is a fairy-tale land of wooded mountains and bottomless gorges.  The survey of masterpieces of medieval Armenian architecture – monasteries of Sanahin (9th-12th centuries) and Haghpat (11-13th centuries). The monastery of Haghpat is included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Continue  the trip to the Armenia-Georgia border.  You will have border crossing.  A trip to Georgia. Crossing the border of Georgia-Turkey. Arrival to Kars. Walk around the old town with a visit to the Armenian church (9th c). Accommodation at the hotel for 2 nights.

Day 7: Ani – the city of a thousand churches (100 km)

A trip to Ani – the medieval capital of the Armenian kingdom of the Bagratids (9-11 centuries). Sightseeing of one of the most beautiful and richest cities of the Middle Ages: the citadel, fortress walls, the cathedral (10-11 cc.), churches.

Day 8: Western Armenia

You will have a trip to the south. Visit the palace of Isak Pasha on the southern slope of Mount Ararat. Arrival in the city of Van on the shore of the lake of the same name. Accommodation at the hotel for 2 nights.

Day 9: Van’s cultural heritage

The inspection of the cave palaces of the Urartian kings (9th-7th centuries BC). A trip by boat to the island of Akhtamar.  The survey of a masterpiece of medieval Armenian architecture – the Church of the Holy Cross (10th c.) is a real pleasure for everyone. The walls of the church are covered with unique relief images on the themes of the Old Testament.

Day 10: Departure home

The transfer to the airport. Departure to Istanbul and further to your homeland

What is the price of the tour?