Tours to Armenia: An Extreme Tour

Tours to Armenia: An Extreme Tour

Do you want a novelty and a burst of emotions?  A storm of enthusiasm and a huge number of positive emotions?

Prepare to go on an extreme tour around Armenia. Of course, pleasant weather and good friends are preferable.

And most importantly – the desire to bring to your life a fundamental change!  An extreme – tour to Armenia is, of course  a paragliding tour.

And not only… This is a trip on the zipline in the blue sky  with  a passing wind…

paradigling in ArmeniaSevan, Teghenis, Aparan, Yeghvard, Yenokavan, Tatev are not just destinations. These are the places from where the glider takes off and takes you to uncharted heights.

A unique event for fans of “adventure in the air,, will be held on the 11th of November in Tatev. Prepare! November – 2017 is going to be exciting! A new project of Sky Club Armenia will be implemented there. Paraglider flights with the engine  will give you the opportunity to admire not only the views of the charming autumn nature, but also to feel the rush of energy, the power of the air space as a whole, and most importantly – to forget about all the hectic that you had on the ground. Let for a while, but what effect you feel when you land …

 Some taste of  returning and a sense of freedom…

paradigling ArmeniaAll that you have experienced in such a short period of time, it would seem, is long in infinity. At the same time, you forgot that before you were so worried, distracted. As if, having landed after the flight, you have acquired for yourself exactly what was so unattainable and incomprehensible. All simple truths are revealed, therefore, when you are left alone with yourself … When your spirit is full of determination, and around you   can only see   the azure sky.

Adventure in the sky can be made on the zipline. You descend due to the steel cable, the road is in your hands, only the force of gravity leads you forward…

You move and feel like a bird, boldly heading to your dream. Why not? Maybe it’s just a preliminary test of something conceived? The one that you longed to start, but did not have the courage…

extreme tourism in ArmeniaA place called Yenokavan in Armenia is always happy to welcome all fans of extreme tours.

A breathtaking flight in the air is guaranteed to you!

Visit Armenia and discover its unique beauty from the height.

tour to ArmeniaWho said that extreme tours are limited only to adventures?  And  what about new  acquaintances? And  new names and concepts?

And do not forget about discovered qualities of character in yourself !

Believe, all this deserves to go on a tour around Armenia. And even more so on an extreme tour!

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