Tour Experiences: The Longest Zipline in the World

Tour Experiences: The Longest Zipline in the World

What is to be a bird?

Have you ever felt as   a bird?

You see the hills below, rivers   like snakes and the   picturesque meadows full of unusual plants… It is not a miracle. It   is real view if you visit Yenokavan in Armenia.

You will   feel it and see   with your own eyes. It is a zip -line adventure which can give you a real opportunity to fly     like a bird… Experience    breathtaking of nice forests and unforgettable nature.  And you are  200  meters over the sea level.Zip -line adventure

You move from one point to another   and only the gravitation force helps you… Being attached to the rope you enjoy the flight and move so high above the ground.

Who can say that you are not a bird now?

What is a bird flight? You can never answer without   having a flight       like   a bird.  So   as the proverb says: “Better to see one time than to listen many times”.

Tavush region of Armenia provides you with such a chance.

You come to Yenokavan to the place which is named Yell Extreme Park, the professional instructor gives you all the necessary information  and he supports you all the way on the zip -line.

It is worth seeing and it is worth feeling!

It is Armenia in the sky. What can be more enjoyable?

Now the new zip -line road is built.  It  is suggested to be the longest in the world.

So come and try now in order to be the best in future!

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