Ski Tour To Armenia

Ski Tour To Armenia

Snow, skis, fresh mountain air… What can be better, more interesting and attractive?
When there is a lot of work to do at home, when the mood is at zero, when you are  tired of doing what you do from day to day. Of course, you must go on a ski tour!
Armenia is a country of mountains and in winter you can admire the unique beauty of the mountains which attract you with their grandeur and exterior view. The snow covers the peaks, and, perhaps, this white colour soothes the eye and relaxes with its natural tranquility.

Winter in Armenia
Tsakhkadzor is a city that combines a wonderful ski slope and curative clean air. Here you can dream about tomorrow with a cup of coffee and then roll off the mountains on skis, gaining a lot of positive emotions.
In Tsaghkadzor  it’s not boring to anyone in the winter: skiing and friendly conversation will create the appropriate mood for a long time.

Jermuk in winter
Jermuk is a city high up in the mountains. And along with the healing mineral water, which you will try here, you will find another discovery of its own – a ski-track equipped according to all the rules of the modern standard.
 The choice is yours !

‘’Ski vacations in Armenia’’ ! They are quite feasible. The main thing is to imagine yourself on skis and exactly in Armenia… The rest is a matter of time. Mountain landscapes will be remembered for a long time, and very soon you will again want winter to return to the mountains… Feel once again the charm of skiing among the indescribably magnificent nature of the mountains.

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