Shopping in Armenia

Shopping in Armenia

Shopping is basically relaxation, and only then it is necessity to buy what you need. And, of course, these are special moments of enjoyment, when you buy gifts to someone… Often the present speaks  much about the person who gave it.

Armenian souvenirs
In Armenia, souvenirs are sold near all architectural monuments. You can always buy magnets and symbols of the country and then you will have a memory of the place you visited.

Yerevan is the shopping center of Armenia.

Dalma Garden Mall- Shopping center in ArmeniaThe shopping and entertainment complex “Dalma Garden Mall” is always ready to surprise its visitors. Goods for every taste and for any consumer wait for you on the windows of this fashionable complex. Then, when all the purchases have already been made, you can try tasty food right here, and if you want, you can even watch the movie.

Shopping center Yerevan Mall

“Yerevan Mall” is also a favorite place for shopping. It  is located near the center. It is very convenient to get to it.
Quite a good place where you can buy a variety of souvenirs at quite reasonable prices is Vernissage.
It is not only interesting but also informative to visit Vernissage.

It is not only interesting but also informative  to visit Vernissage in Yerevan, Armenia.

A lot of masters here wait for people, it’s nice to talk, to get acquainted with artists, artisans. Ceramics is better to buy here, the largest choice. And how many colors, impressions… And  you will have gifts for memory and what to remember, what to tell your friends then.

Shopping and entertainment complex Tashir

Shopping and entertainment complex “Tashir” has become a popular shopping center and a place for leisure of citizens and tourists. This is one of the business cards of Yerevan which cannot be ignored. Jewelry, a unique range of clothes and shoes – everything that we look for and do not know what is right anymore.

The central market of Yerevan is Tashir
The central market of Yerevan is Tashir. It is located in the center of the city. The store was built a long time ago. In the market you can buy fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, cheeses with different degrees of salinity. You should pay attention to Armenian sweets – churchela, dried figs, lemons, peaches, pastilles, dried in a special way in the sun in the form of viscous thin sweets. All this will be offered to you by good-natured sellers, and the prices are quite affordable…

Armenian sweets
In a word, shopping is a matter of time and taste. And shopping in Armenia is a real pleasure, so dare and you will not regret!

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