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Первый фестиваль «Золотой абрикос» проходил с 30 июня по 4 июля 2004 года. Фестиваль привлек внимание  всего мира, было показано 148 фильмов, представляющих более 70 режиссеров из 20 стран. Международное жюри фестиваля состояло из выдающихся фигур  мировой кинематографии и кинокритики.



The First GOLDEN APRICOT Festival took place on June 30 to July 4, 2004. The festival attracted attention from all over the world while including 148 films representing over 70 filmmakers from 20 countries. The Festival international jury consisted of eminent figures in world cinema and film criticism.

It was established by the “Golden Apricot” Fund for Cinema Development, the Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Armenia and Benevolent Fund for Cultural Development. The Golden Apricot International Film Festival carries the theme Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations. The title may well serve as our impassioned mantra for building cultural bridges and fostering dialogue. It also reflects the history of Armenia itself, which for millennia has existed as a flash point for competing geopolitical forces. The festival welcomes films representing diverse ethnic groups, religions, and nations that depict the human experience, the daily lives of people, ordinary and extraordinary, their troubles and their joys, as they try to find meaning in a changing world and struggle to redefine themselves in a world that recognizes fewer and fewer boundaries.

We’ve created this program to help you plan your remarkable stay in Armenia during fall, 2018, to enjoy Gold Autumn and Golden Apricot Festival.

День 1: Ереван

Прибытие в Ереван. Добро пожаловать в международный аэропорт «Звартноц». Трансфер в отель. Регистрация. Отдых.

Day 2: City Tour

After breakfast you will get known with our beautiful city. The first attraction of our city –tour is   the statue of Mother Armenia, which is located on a hill overlooking Yerevan. Then we will walk to the Cascade, a monument projected by the famous Armenian architect Tamanyan, and to Baghramyan avenue, where the building of National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia and official residence of the president of RA and the other administrative buildings are located. Next destinations of our program are the National History Museum of Armenia and the Matenadaran, a research institute of ancient manuscripts. We will end the excursion day with visiting the opening ceremony of the Golden Apricot festival in «Moscow» cinema- theater.

Day 3: Yerevan-Garni -Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel.

This day you will see one of the unique monuments in Armenia — pagan temple of Garni. It is the best-known structure and symbol of pre-Christian Armenia. It was probably built by king Tiridates I  in the first century AD as a temple to the sun god Mihr. After Armenia’s conversion to Christianity in the early fourth century, it was converted into a royal summer house of Khosrovidukht, the sister of Tiridates III. The temple is situated at the edge of a cliff and is a part of the fortress of Garni. The site is located near the village of Garni and is officially known as the Garni Historical and Cultural Museum Reserve which includes the temple, a bath complex, a royal summer palace, the seventh century church of St. Sion and other minor items such as medieval khachkars. Lunch is served. Return to Yerevan. Film watching at Golden Apricot festival. Welcome dinner.

Day 4: Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. We will start our excursion program by visiting the Sergei Parajanov Museum. The Sergei Parajanov Museum is a tribute to  Armenian director and artist Sergei Parajanov and is one of the most popular museums in Yerevan. It represents Parajanov’s diverse artistic and literary heritage. The museum is situated in a traditional Caucasian-style building. Comprising some 1,400 exhibits, the museum’s collection includes installations, collages, assemblages, drawings, dolls and hats. The museum also showcases unpublished screenplays, librettos and various artworks which Parajanov created while in prison. Among the other exhibits of the museum are two re-created memorial rooms, original posters, festival prizes, signed letters by Federico Fellini, Lilya Brik, Andrey Tarkovsky, Mikhail Vartanov, and Yuri Nikulin, gifts by famous visitors Tonino Guerra, Vladimir Putin and Roman Balayan, who is the author of «A Night at Paradganov’s Museum» film. The museum uses art and exposition principles of Parajanov himself.

Parajanov’s visionary films, such as “The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors,” “Sayat-Nova,” and “The Legend of Suram Fortress,” earned him international acclaim and led to lifelong persecution by the Soviet regime.

After the excursion to the Parajanov museum you will have film watching at “Golden Apricot’’ festival.

The program continues  to the «Ararat» brandy museum by tasting legendary Armenian cognac. Visit to Tsitsernakaberd, a memorial complex dedicated to the victims of the Armenian Genocide. Free evening for walking in the heart of Yerevan – the Republic square. Dinner accompanied with national dances and music will be served in a traditional restaurant.

Day 5: Yerevan-Lake Sevan- (Tsaghkadzor)-Yerevan

In the morning we are going to Lake Sevan, the region of Gegharquniq, the most important water resource of the country, situated 1900 m a.s.l..The Sevan is fairly considered the Blue Pearl of Armenia. Admire the stunningly amazing view of the lake from the Sevan penunsula! Here you can enjoy boating on the lake. After lunch at the lake shore you have two choices: either to continue your tour to Tsaghkadzor or to return to Yerevan for filmwatching at the festival .

Tsaghkadzor is a spa town and a popular ski resort in Armenia located north of the capital Yerevan. Tsaghkadzor literally means valley of flowers in Armenian. The name of Tsaghkadzor is associated with the name of the nearby Tsaghkunyats Mountains located to the west of the town.

Climbing the mount of Teghenis (by ropeway).

Return to Yerevan. Dinner.

Day 6: Yerevan

Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to the Komitas House-Museum-Institute.

The Museum-Institute has opened in Yerevan recently.

The Armenian Government decided to establish Komitas Museum-Institute to create favorable conditions for collecting information about the life and work of the great Armenian composer, for studying, preserving and popularizing his legacy. It will also serve to protect the traditions of the Armenian religious and folk music, promote the development of creative abilities of young people in the field of national, folk, classical and modern music. Film Watching at the festival. Visit to the Vernissage, open –air fair. The Vernissage is the right place to get little taste of Armenia and a special spot to witness the fusion between national traditions and modern taste. This is your best place to get souvenirs, since the back half has many handicrafts including ceramics, carved wood, stone, lace, needlework, dolls, paintings, jewelry and other things such as carpets, books and t-shirts.

In the evening enjoy Jazz and Rock and relax in a good atmosphere of Mezzo Music Club.

Day 7: Yerevan

After breakfast you will visit   Aram Khachatryan Museum.

The house-museum of Aram Khachaturian is located not far from the   city center.
Various traditional events — festivals, commemorative evenings, competitions, meetings with prominent figures of culture, exhibitions- take place at the museum each year. Letters, manuscripts of scores, books, records, photos and other materials related to the life and creative work of the genius composer are collected there..
There is a rich library of records in the house-museum – about 2,500 CDs with records of classic and contemporary music. The museum also includes the National collection of unique musical instruments.

The highlight of our program will be the closing ceremony of the «Golden Apricot» festival.

The price includes: 

  • All transfers according to the program
  • Accommodation at 4* /5* hotels in Yerevan;

  • English speaking guide service during the whole program
  • Meals plan: FB
  • Entrance fees
  • Water complimentary (1 bottle p/p each day).

Price doesn’t include:

  • International flights
  • Insurance
  • Tips

What is the price of the tour?


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