The reasons for spending New Year in Yerevan

The reasons for spending New Year in Yerevan

The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, transfers into some magical and colorful  place during New Year.

New Year is the most wonderful time of the year and Yerevan is no exception. As this holiday marks the beginning of a new year, people have high hopes and expectations that New Year will be a good start of a new page in their lives.

New Year in Yerevan

New Year is a holiday often observed with fireworks. Creative and splendid New Year decorations can be seen all around the city. The city is decorated with all sorts of festive lights and it is especially pleasant to see how the decorated trees create the atmosphere of some magic. In front of some shops you can see Santa Clauses and other thematic decorations. Throughout years, Armenian New Year’s customs and traditions haven’t changed a lot but, surely, have been upgraded. Without any exaggeration, we can say that the most important part of a new year celebration in Yerevan is having enjoyable and unforgetful days.

Christmas in YerevanIf you visit Yerevan around New Year you should know there are so many things for entertainment. Among them  the most memorable ones are outdoor ice rinks, entertainment shows and winter parks.

Ice skating is a real fun. You have two options in Yerevan: either go to the frozen Swan Lake in the center of the capital or  to the ice skating in Hamalir. If you fear falling, don’t worry, this is a part of the learning process which is really fun offering the best atmosphere for skate worms.

Ice skating in Yerevan Swan LakeEvery year Lake Swan, which is located near the Opera House transforms into an outdoor ice rink. Here you can admire with a splendid view listening to music, sharing your emotions with Santa. You can rent ice skates on the spot and have fun yourself.

The Winter Park offers visitors an ice rink, various shows and surprises for everybody, meeting with fabulous creatures In this  park you can feel the magical spirit of Lapland, you can even see Santa Claus and his reindeer and take a ride.

Winter Park, Santa's House in YerevanYou will greatly enjoy the park. There is a Santa House, where you can take photos, have a chance to bake some sweets with Santa, if you like culinary experiments, play games and have hot tea or coffee by the fire.

Thus, Yerevan Winter Park is a fantastic place. You should tour the park and get familiarized with the conditions of the winter entertainment zone. In this small fairy-tale world every item is from ice. Here people will enjoy the festive New Year atmosphere.

New Year in YerevanObviously, New Year is the most anticipated and significant event in Yerevan where your dreams will certainly become true.

Lighed Streets in Yerevan

Actually, New Year in Yerevan is a magical key of happiness, wonder, family warmth. You leave behind the troubles and problems.

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