Mulberry Festival in Armenia 2017

Mulberry Festival in Armenia 2017

Mulberry, mulberry…..

Do you know the famous song which children sing  while  gathering  around the mulberry tree?

 Here we go round the mulberry bush*,
The mulberry bush, the mulberry bush

It is only a song but it says more than we hear.

If you do not know anything about the mulberry you should visit Armenia and see Mulberry festival which is held here every year.

Artsakh Mulberry FestivalAnd what do you know about the sweet mulberry? Not so much…But why? You can know everything after visiting the traditional festival.

It gives guests the opportunity to see very interesting things connected to the mulberry in Armenia.

You will be amazed to witness the interesting process of mulberry vodka distillation. If you have a wish you can try it too. Never in the world can you see it and enjoy…

DO you know what is ,,doshab,, ?

Doshab is a special juice from mulberryIt is a special juice from mulberry which is advisable to drink when you cough. You can also use it with water as some beverage full of natural vitamins.

The process of making  ,,doshab,, is rather hard. Not everyone can easily do it. All the berries are gathered, cooked for a long time and squeezed. The healing drinking can stay long then and it is never spoilt preserving healthsome qualities.

During the festival all participants have the opportunity to  taste the doshab and  to buy the kind  they   enjoyed most of all.Mulberry Festival in Armenia

If you prefer dishes of Armenian cuisine with mulberry you can try them too. From all the country the best mulberry dishes are served and sold.

And the participants can dance folk dances and listen to folk songs with the native settlers .

Mulberry festival is the reason for visiting Armenia. It   is one of the  reasons but  the very weighty one..

You can explore the country unknown for you but very hospitable and enjoyable, you can live   the moments which could become the best memories then…All your life…

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