Medical tourism in Armenia

Medical tourism in Armenia

In Armenia, medical tourism is gaining speed every day.  More and more people choose Armenia as a centre for medical tourism and come to the country to get highly qualified medical care.

The centre for Aesthetic Medicine “Estomed” has become popular   as a medical tourism destination now.

And what is aesthetic medicine?

This is a special sphere in the beauty and health industry. The centre is engaged in correction of appearance, using medical technologies.

It is very important when a person not only looks spectacular in appearance, but also he is healthy inside.

The centre “Estomed” cares about the external harmony and inner state of man.

The centre is unique in that it provides a wide range of services for the prevention and restoration of a healthy appearance of the individual, taking care of the psychological mood and inner mental state of the patient.

Medical services are provided in the field of gynecology, sonography, injecting cosmetology, kinesitherapy, dietology, dentistry.

There are special courses on cosmetology, make-up, manicure and hairdressing.

A special group of staff engaged in a massage, which includes two types of massage: facial massage and vacuum massage.

The centre carries out activities to remove abnormalities on the face, such as removing warts, removing vascular asterisks, removing tattoos and scars, and   it is also engaged in laser treatment of scars.

“Estomed” helps to cope with most of the cosmetic problems, and in its work takes as a basis the method of non-surgical intervention. And this is what makes the work of the centre safe, effective and promising.

Therefore, not only in Armenia, but also far beyond its borders, the centre acquires fame and becomes a place of embodiment of the conceived ideals and dreams…

The most important thing is that throughout the entire service process in the centre, the   employees of “Estomed” are close to the patients and take care of their peace of mind and tranquillity.

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