What kind of vacation awaits us in Armenia in autumn

What kind of vacation awaits us in Armenia in autumn

Autumn is a special time in the life of any person. This is the time of change, and the time of new experiences, new solutions… A person in particular begins to look at the world around and comprehend what is happening.

So, when the weather has changed and we have no longer warm sunny rays, where should we go on a trip?

Rest in Armenia is one of the most successful directions!

Why? There are many answers, the main thing is to choose the means of transportation and understand what is waiting for you there…

Armenia TsaghkadzorTsakhkadzor or “Valley of Flowers” is a land of indescribable beauty located in the Kotayk region of Armenia.

Mount Teghenis welcomes you with its autumn decoration and colours. The city itself lives by its tranquillity and universal harmony. Rivers that complement all this greatness of nature, perfectly fit into the format of travel around the city-fairy tale.

So, you can fill the car with gasoline in the amount of 10 litres in Yerevan and safely go to “velvet travel in Armenia,” It’s on the route there and back.

Tsakhkadzor is wonderful in all seasons, but its special charm is revealed in autumn.

autumn in TsaghkadzorClean high-mountain air favourably affects the body and gives    your lungs    negative ionization, typical of the air of local places.

By the way, the advantage of an autumn holiday in Tsakhkadzor is seen in discounts in local hotels. They are more here in autumn than in any other season.

And how should you spend your leisure time? Well, first of all you must visit the Museum of the brothers Orbeli.  The aura inspires and fills with faith in tomorrow. Rooms, photographs, inventory – everything conveys the will of great scientists and their faith in the power of creation. And if for a second one thinks about the fact that these great ideas were visited by people in a modest place called Tsakhkadzor, then you are simply marvelling…

memorial museum of orbeli

But how not to ride on the cable car, feel  free from everything, far from everyone and at the same time feel the happiest person in the world! Near the mountains, the golden domes of trees and the silence of the reigning  nature…

The monastery Kecharis in Tsakhkadzor is a special place. The ancient monastic complex, especially in autumn, attracts by the fact that you can and want to retire here, especially from the city bustle, to remain alone , and just sit in the courtyard, watching people and nature.

This place pacifies and brings into the life of anyone who will visit it the inner harmony.

Tsaghkadzor, Kecharis monasteryTsaghkadzor itself seemed frozen in time: some old-style houses, alleys, benevolent faces of local residents, an extraordinary silence and ease in the aura of the city itself … All this makes the city unique among others.

Nobody will want to leave autumn Tsakhkadzor.

The rest in Armenia is new impressions, new ideas and new forces in order not to be afraid to go forward…

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