Kalavan – the semblance of an earth paradise or a tourism destination?

Kalavan – the semblance of an earth paradise or a tourism destination?

Tourism to date is one of the volatile and unpredictable sectors of the economy of any country.

And the sphere of its influence spreads, sometimes, to such distant places that you are amazed at the will of the human imagination.

The village of Kalavan in the Gegharkunik region of Armenia became famous throughout the world. Why?

For many reasons.

Kalavan sunrise First, local enthusiasts decided to make this remote point one of the centers of ecotourism and adventure tourism at the same time. It   sounds  great and impressive … But not only sounds. It has become real too.

Secondly, most of the residents are refugees from Azerbaijan. They did not sit idly by and shrug their shoulders   thinking about   money to live on. They did not abandon their homeland, which they finally got … They sparked the idea of ​​making the newly-found Armenia famous throughout the world.

At an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, among the enchanting nature, Calavan is located.

Kalavan Armenia Nature
People of different professions and even different nations have decided to build a society where rural labor, construction, walking through forests and glades, and engaging in modern technologies make it possible to live happily and love the business that you are engaged in. Moreover, you can provide yourself and your family with everything you  need …

The model of the community that is being created here can hardly be found somewhere  else …

You build a hotel, create your own economy, everything is yours, everywhere is your initiative  …

Kalavan Ecotourism centre in ArmeniaAnd since there is no gas supply in Kalavan, it is decided to think about the creation of solar energy. All the advantages of natural location should be subordinated to the creation of a healthy lifestyle and society, which is not afraid of any barriers.

The purposefulness and faith of the people of Kalavan are passed on to their friends who come here and open their business.

You can build a simple hut and escape from the summer heat, running away from the city bustle … And then dozens of such huts – and you   already have your own business and favourite work.

Far from civilization, you still feel like an important part of the universe. And this is the spirit and power of a distant unknown region named Kalavan …

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