Herbs Festival in Armenia

Herbs Festival in Armenia

Many people believe that besides churches and fortresses there is not much to see in Armenia. In fact, these churches and fortresses make up only a small part of the tourist sites throughout Armenia. If you turn around and take a good look, you can see how the temples, fortresses and other structures fit well into the surrounding nature. And it was conceived! Temples and nature complement each other and it is impossible to consider them separately. Armenia is rich in its flora and fauna. The people have known this for a long time and they are trying with all their might to show their nature to the world.

One of such events is the grass festival “Haybuis”.

The festival is  the part of a number of other festivals held in Armenia. The festival has been held for the third consecutive year in the Tavush region, the village of Yenokavan. This is a long-awaited event for both tourists and entrepreneurs and local residents. The festival has many goals, but the most important of them is the popularization of the herbs of Armenia.

Organizers are sure that the flora of Armenia, especially grass, is one of the little-known resources of Armenia for today.

 The concept of the festival is as follows:

“We cherish what we love. We love what we know.”

 And therefore, along with recreational activities, educational and cognitive activities are also conducted. At the grass festival   everyone can find a lesson for themselves: master classes on creating accessories from grasses, theatrical performances, touch tracks, songs, dances and much more.

During the festival, the world’s largest peace brooch (sandwich) is prepared from lavash, Armenian herbs and Armenian cheeses from all regions.

Also, cheeses from other countries are used, the representative offices of foreign countries in Armenia help with it. This ritual symbolizes family bread, life – Armenian herbs and peace – cheeses from around the world. That’s why this brtuch is peaceful.  It is   cut and given out to all guests.

The festival is very popular. People come here with their families, with friends. During the festival contests are held, prizes are given, there are many photozones where one can take pictures in the Armenian national costume-taraz, make a hairstyle from herbs. But the main event is a cavalcade in the style of the Yenokavan. This shows the full power of Armenian strongmen and the grace of horses. It’s worth  looking.

The final chord is a big bonfire under the light of the moon and songs, songs, songs…  The festival does not end in one day. In the morning there are hiking thematic hikes (medicinal herbs, dangerous herbs, etc.) in the Tavush region.

If you ever visit Armenia in July, add the grass festival in Yenokavan to your country tour.

 And you definitely will not regret !

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