Festivals In September

Festivals In September

Going to rest in September is the right decision. And spending holidays in Armenia will change your mood! Why?September is also the time for the most unique festivals.

At present, the festival movement in the whole world and in Armenia, is developing every year. The festival becomes a part of the life not only of the capital, but also of small towns.

The festival gives ideas for new creative solutions, experiments. Independent festivals provide an opportunity to show creative ingenuity.

Gata Festival awaits everyone in the village of Khachik, in Vayots Dzor , on September 22, 2018.

The very process of cooking ghata is unusual, and because of it such a festival was conceived. What is a gata?  Gata bread is a traditional confectionery product resembling a puff pastry. Each region and city of Armenia has its own unique way of cooking gata, so the gata can be of different types, sizes and even with different fillings. The most common filling for gata is khoriz. It is made from flour, sugar and butter. In some regions, nuts become stuffing, mostly walnuts. Each region will present its own gata, then all participants will bake together the largest gata, which will be registered in the prototype of the Guinness Book of Records. And of course, no Armenian holiday takes place without national music and dances, competitions and games, so adults and children will be happy at the festival. Guests of the festival will be able to take part in master classes on cooking gata, taste Armenian traditional dishes, for example, home Armenian arishta noodles, participate in the distillation of homemade moonshine.

On the territory of the festival, residents of nearby villages will organize a fair, where you can buy  sweets, drinks. Who likes to combine business with pleasure, can visit the museum of the village. The gata festival is a great opportunity for rural tourism lovers not only to get acquainted with the village culture of Armenians, but also to taste Armenian food and even to become an Armenian for one day.
Contrary to popular belief, music festivals are far from just entertainment.
Musical festivals were originated in Great Britain (London, 1709) and were originally associated with church music. Since the second half of the 18th century, festivals have been held in many countries of central Europe, mainly in Germany.
Nowadays, any musical art, one way or another, gives rise to emotions, associations, leads to action …
On September 10 the Concert Hall of Aram Khachaturyan will host the official opening of the 12th Yerevan International Music Festival dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of the foundation of Yerevan and the 100th anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia.
The violinist and honored artist of Armenia Sergey Khachatryan will open the event.
So any tour to Armenia is an introduction to the culture and traditions of Armenia.
Music and autumn can become the beginning of new ideas!
And on September 15 and 16, the capital of Armenia Yerevan will become the capital of humor: here for the first time the Festival of Comedy Club will be held.
The sports and concert complex named after Karen Demirchyan  waits for everyone who has a good sense of humor. It will help guests of the festival to tune in to a positive mood and cope with any stress.
Where else can you go in the coming days of September to visit the most cheerful, colorful and lavish holidays of the new harvest? On September 15, 2018, there will be such an unusual festival in the Children’s Park. Which one?
Come and celebrate the traditional harvest festival: The Festival of rural life and traditions!
Autumn is the harvest time, when nature gives its fruits. There are no labor days in the fields, gardens and vineyards – you only want to rejoice! And as people’s beliefs have not changed for centuries,  harvesting has always been and remains a holiday, to which everyone is happy.
Let’s enjoy together: you will listen to live music and traditional songs and you can take part in dances, feel the taste of the sun’s fragrance in fruits and vegetables and other products presented by farmers from Armenia, Georgia and Iran.
The entrance is free!

Buy tickets to Armenia and spend your time with pleasure!
Visit Armenia in autumn  and we will organize an unforgettable vacation and guarantee a good mood!

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