The festival of barbecue. And this is possible!

The festival of barbecue. And this is possible!

Who would have thought that eating a barbecue could be a holiday?

And there are those who doubt…  But if you visit Armenia, you will dispel all your doubts.

Tours in Armenia are diverse and they amaze with their versatility and unusual format. But the festival of barbecue in Akhtala is something special!

Every third Sunday in September in the north of Armenia, in the city of Akhtala, a festival of barbecue (or “shish kebab”) is held.

The word “shish kebab” intrigues and makes you think about the history of the word origin itself. There are a lot of versions. One of the most probable one suggests that the word is of Crimean-Tatar origin.

Shish” is a spit in translation, hence, a shish kebab, it’s something on a spit. Turned  meat or meat, which is turned over on a spit.

The most interesting is that the word “shish” is translated from Armenian as a ramrod, that is, a direct link of the name to the cooking process of this dish is visible. This fact again tells us that in Armenia this dish is given a special place of honour. It is  prepared  for a long time, and the recipe for cooking shish kebab in each family is own.

Where can you taste the most delicious shish-kebab or barbecue? Of course, in Armenia…

It would be a waste of time to look for a country where a shish kebab appeared. Once a man learned to get meat, he began to cook it at the stake.

The dish was prepared everywhere, it just began to call it differently. In Armenia it is “khorovats“-baked meat.

Preparation of shish kebab is a whole ritual with its inviolable rules and prohibitions. Preliminary marinade, spices, coals, ramrod special length – all this requires special knowledge and, of course, a love for cooking this dish.

The gorge on the bank of the river Debed becomes a place of celebration and national holiday.

You will not only taste shish kebab, but also talk with other gourmets, as well as connoisseurs of Armenian national cuisine.

The holiday will be remembered for a long time: after all it is not only communication, but also various contests, dances, a lively connection with the people…

In 2017, the festival of shish kebab was held from August 18 to 21.

And do not forget the famous saying of Anselm Briya-Savarin: “The table is the only place where we do not miss from the very first minute.”

And where we are happy, there we will come again and again…


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