Ecotourism in Armenia

Ecotourism in Armenia

A global solution to many problems has given rise to many new phenomena and facts. For example, words appeared that we do not understand very well, but they are almost always heard by us.

The term “eco tourism” was first used in the early 80-ies of the XX century.

Yerevan, Armenia

Ecotourism is a responsible journey to natural areas leading to the preservation and improvement of the well-being of local residents.

In other cases, eco tourism is a system of efforts that contribute to an ecological balance in nature. In this example, an important factor can be considered the study of both the natural and cultural environment.

So what is ecotourism favorable for?

Firstly, it is the creation of new jobs for local residents.

Secondly, ecotourism leads to an increase in investments both in infrastructure and in the protection of nature.

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And, of course, it is obligatory to promote local socio-cultural environment.

In Armenia ecotourism is a relatively new concept. It is based on a journey into natural areas. One of the factors that influenced the development of ecotourism in Armenia was the desire of the clients of travel agencies to acquire a new unique experience and contribute to the protection of nature. In the Caucasus region Armenia can be considered the most favorable for ecotourism.

Armenia is located at an altitude of 390-4090 meters above sea level and includes an endless variety of natural environments, from natural stones to deciduous forests and meadows. On each square meter you can see more than 100 plant species, which is a record indicator by world standards.

However, over the past decade, the deterioration of socio-economic conditions has led to excessive use of natural resources, which in turn can lead to the disappearance of many species of plants and animals.

Eco tourism in Armenia is the most promising way to solve these problems.

So what does ecotourism offer in Armenia?

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Ecologically clean hotels, restaurants and cafes are quite popular in world practice.

In order to develop ecotourism, HyeLandz Eco Village Resort was built in Armenia. This guesthouse, built of tufa, is located in the village of Geghadir and offers you a holiday in an ecologically clean and picturesque area.

“HyeLandz Eco Village Resort” installed several solar panels in the village. On the territory of the eco-hotel you will find beautiful gardens with fruit trees, orchards and numerous plants. In addition to environmentally friendly products, guests can make use of free electric bicycles.

And this is not all…

Ecotourism is developing and growing. We hope that the new best practices will reach unprecedented heights and offer a more interesting solution to everyday problems for each of us, introduce novelty and give strength and confidence to tomorrow.

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