The Day of the city is a holiday of the soul and heart

The Day of the city is a holiday of the soul and heart

 There are glorious traditions that are so firmly embedded in your life that they become an integral part of it.

So in 1968 for the first time   the city’s   holiday   was commemorated. Yerevan celebrated   that   it had survived the natural disasters, the hardships of history… Until 1988, every year the capital was illuminated by new colours and gave everyone its inner warmth and harmony.

erebouni_yerevanThen hard times came  in the life of the capital, and indeed the whole country. The tradition of celebrating the day of the city was renewed already in 1998.

And in 2005 the government of the Republic of Armenia decided to celebrate the city’s day on the second Saturday of October.

The hymn of the capital was the song “Erebuni-Yerevan”.

The birthday of the city became a magnificent festival, filling the soul of any person with warm emotions and inexpressible sensations.

On this day in the city you only feel a festive atmosphere. Everything is shining and full of national colours.

On the streets you only perceive   an upbeat mood and a cheerful disposition of the soul.

 The exhibition of craftsmanship, decorative art – everything speaks about the life of the capital,  says what it saw and what it achieved.

 All people   wait for theatrical performances and show of stars with special enthusiasm.

The holiday of the city is the reason to gather and be together with those who are dear to you, and simply with those whom you have not seen for a long time, but would like to…

The reason to be imbued with the history and the spirit of the times, feel like a part of the great Yerevan.

When in 782, King Argishti laid the foundation of the city of Yerevan, he did not expect that after centuries on the streets of this city there would be such a celebration.

King Argishti left a written proof that the city was founded in 782, thanks to this, we conduct the exact chronology of the city of Yerevan.

The city’s birthday is also a festive salute on the Republic Square, when a thousand volleys rise and illuminate the ancient beautiful and mysterious Yerevan.

erebouni_yerevanHow pleasant it is to just walk around the festive city and meet the friendly faces of passers-by!

As you do not want to realize that the autumn October day may come to an end… But how sweet is the thought that next year again you are waiting for surprises and a lot of pleasant emotions in the streets of your favourite city of Yerevan…

Celebrate a City Day together with us !

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