An autumn surprise for Yerevan residents – the film festival “Kin”

An autumn surprise for Yerevan residents – the film festival “Kin”

Autumn this year in Yerevan is very unusual! At every step you can see smiling girls posing in front of cameras in the bosom of picturesque autumn foliage. They pose and do not blush… Why would they be embarrassed? A weak half of humanity has long made it clear to everyone that the world should revolve around them. And right, it must! After all, it’s the girls with their lovely photos that make the autumn even brighter and more beautiful and, of course, warmer.

autumnThe women in the cinema made a more unique Yerevan autumn. Yes, exactly, in the film industry. From 14 to 18 November in Yerevan  the 14th International Film Festival “Kin” was held. Women gathered and showed what they are capable of in the literal sense of the word.

The festival was completely female, including the famous jury, which included the artistic director of the international women’s film festival Dortmund / Cologne Silke Joana Rabiger, the general producer of distribution company CinePromo # 1 Elena Korzhayeva, the founder of the festival “Women’s View” Leysley En Kols and others.

During the festival, 60 works by women – directors, producers and screenwriters from 20 countries of the world were shown. The shown films  were of different genres and in different languages. The traditional nominations for the film festival were “The Best Film”, “The Special Nomination”, “Diplomas”, and also the nomination of Russian cooperation “The Best Russian Film”. In addition, within the framework of the film festival, a round table was organized on the topic “A Woman and Cinema”, in which famous film experts, the director of the Kin Film Festival, women – directors and producers from Armenia, and participants from other countries took part. The festival was supplemented with master classes and meetings – discussions with the directors.

cinema festival

An interesting show was dedicated to the owner of many international awards, the famous and talented Iranian actress of Armenian origin Lorik Minasyan. A documentary was shown about her creative life.

According to the director of the film festival Mariam Ohanyan, women in their films talk about their problems, about the manifestation of the women in society, sometimes  they touch upon the topic of war and its impact on society as a whole. Ohanyan also noted that the purpose of the film festival is to identify the role of a creative woman, the call to help hear the woman, not to remain indifferent to her opinion, to look at the problems not only from the point of view of men, but also from a woman’s point of view.

festival KINThe festival “KIN” brought a special charm to the life of the capital of Armenia.

We will wait for new meetings and new names. Of course, a lot of people watched ,,their movie,, and after it they thought about what awaits us all ahead…


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