Armenian Vardavar

Armenian Vardavar

Armenian Vardavar will be celebrated in Washington during the Smithsonian Folklife Festival dedicated to Armenia.

This is a token of friendship,” Armenian Ambassador to US Grigor Hovhannisyan told the Voice of America.

Smithsonian Folklife Festival dedicated to Armenia will launch on June 27 on the National Mall. The festival will present the Armenian culture, art and crafts.

“100 years ago Armenian Genocide survivors and later Armenian veterans of the World War I gathered in front of the Capitol Building to express their gratitude to the United States, missionaries, the governments of Wilson and Roosevelt. 100 years later confident nation comes back to the same place to present its civilization,” the ambassador said.

The organizers of the festival are first of all interested in a unique ability to preserve culture and traditions even during the periods of having no statehood. Armenian Diaspora will have its unique place during the festival, as it is impossible to imagine the Armenian cultural life and heritage without the Diaspora, Ambassador said.

Armenian Vardavar“This year there was a wave of protests in Armenia. We saw the enthusiasm and creative energy of our youth. In this regard, it is very symbolic for me that Armenia of the velvet revolution will be represented in this park this year,” Grigoryan added.

It is planned to celebrate the traditional Armenian Vardavar on July 8, the last day of the festival.


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