Seasons and Weather in Armenia

Armenia: seasons

Seasons and weather in Armenia

Armenia is a mountainous country, so the weather can sometimes play a cruel joke with you.  Do not worry, you will not be overtaken by severe frosts under -40 degrees in winter or heat under +50. Although it is quite possible. Therefore, in order to know exactly how, where and when the weather in Armenia shows all its Armenian temperamental essence, one must know everything about the weather in the country. Although Armenia is in the subtropical belt, it is only according to the map.

In fact, such  climate is  only in the Syunik region, and only in the Meghri district. In fact, the climate in Armenia is continental with hot summers and cold winters. The sun shines here  always – 2700 hours a year, that’s why Armenia is very popular with tourists.

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Armenia in Winter

Armenia in spring

Spring in Armenia

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Winter in Armenia is long. It begins in early December on the plains and early-mid November in the mountains. Winter ends in early-mid-March. Although winter is sunny, it is cold. Precipitation and temperature depend on the terrain. In mountainous areas a lot of snow falls, rivers freeze, the temperature fluctuates from +2 to -14 degrees. On a flat terrain or in Yerevan it is warmer and there are less precipitation. The coldest month is January. The temperature in the capital ranges from -5 to -7 degrees, sometimes it can drop very low to -25 degrees.

As the inhabitants of Armenia notice that the storks have arrived and the snowdrops are on sale in the shops, it means that spring has come. Nature awakens, flowers, people smile, life  changes. In Armenia spring is pink, because in spring Armenian apricot blossoms in every yard and street.

Spring begins in early March and passes quickly and swiftly. The temperature in March rises to +10 in the daytime and -1 degrees at night. Spring in the Armenian capital is neither cold nor warm, it’s time for walks and picnics in parks. Precipitation in April falls more, mostly rain, accompanied by thunderstorms. In May, the air warms up to +24 degrees at night, but the evenings are still cool +8 degrees.  The evening in May is a great opportunity to take a walk, sit in a cafe or in a park, eat your favourite ice cream and admire the evening views of Yerevan.

In mountainous areas in May it is colder than in the capital, at night the temperature can drop to +4 degrees. There are many precipitations in May in the forests of Syunik and Lori regions, May is the wettest month. Also in the mountainous areas, although there is almost no rain in Yerevan in May.

From the end of May,  summer  approaches . The summer in Armenia is long, lasts about 4 months. In the beginning of summer the weather is changeable, sometimes heavy rains come. Summer is hot in Armenia, especially in the capital. The air temperature in the capital can reach +40 degrees during the day. Evenings are cool, a light breeze rises, at night the temperature drops to +15 degrees. Because of the heat, the inhabitants of cities, tourists and everyone try to go away to the mountains to nature. Fortunately, there are plenty of them in Armenia. In the mountains, the air is not so hot, the temperature in June reaches from +16 to +18. And those who cannot escape from the heat, spend their summer evenings in small cozy cafes in Yerevan. The hottest month of summer is July, when the average temperature in the Ararat valley reaches +28 degrees. 

Autumn in Armenia comes in late September. The sun is pleasant, but without the summer’s terrible heat. The air temperature reaches +23 degrees in the daytime and +11 degrees at night. In October, the amount of precipitation increases and the temperature drops to +19 in the afternoon, but the nights get much colder. To tell the truth, no one pays attention to the thermometer, because the riot of colours around is incomparable with anything.

Autumn in Armenia is the kind that landscape painters show in their paintings. If you go far away to the mountains and the forests of Syunik or Lori, you can simply be surprised by how  nature can be different and flawless. The weather in November in Armenia is sunny, but already cold, because the sun does not heat anymore. In the mountains at this time winter has long come with all its quirks. Nature  prepares for hibernation.

Visit Armenia and you will feel all the charm of the weather …