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When we go on a trip, the hotel issue may become one of the most fundamental. Rest in Armenia is a wonderful choice of hotels.
Most hotels in Armenia provide rooms with breakfast. The hotels themselves are well-appointed, you can get to know the cuisine and customs right from the doorstep.

Depending on what kind of vacation you prefer, there will be a choice of hotels. All resort towns and the capital Yerevan can offer tourists a wide range of services in the sphere of hotels.
Hotels in Yerevan are affordable and will surprise you with service and quality.
If you prefer to go to Tsaghkadzor and enjoy the pristine nature of the place, you should know that the hotels are equipped with everything necessary for your holiday.
Hotels in Jermuk, Stepanavan, Dilijan and Gyumri correspond to both modern trends and national traditions. The most important thing is the hospitality and cordiality of all the staff.
Lory is located to the north of the famous Lake Sevan, it is 50 km from the Georgian border. Here you will also find a lot of hotels and guest houses for every taste.
Hotels in Armenia are not similar to each other. Each hotel tries to show its distinctive features and advantages of the cuisine.

How does service in the hotels of Armenia differ from the service of other countries?
The staff is mainly fluent in foreign languages, so there will be no problems in communication. And do not forget about the guide! Local guides will tell you all the stories related to the place of your stay. It is very important that everyone is ready to help you in connection with any problem.
In a word, as they say. “Better to see once than hear a hundred times”.

Visit Armenia and see for yourself!
There is nothing more useful than going there where you’ve never been.


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