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Armenian Festivals

Armenian Festivals

April: Fish festival in Abovyan of Kotayk region. Come to taste the most delicious fish in Armenia.
May : Tolma festival in Sardarapat, Armavir region. Tolma (Armenian national meat dish) is one of the most favorite and popular dishes for Armenians. The aim of the festival is to make traditional dishes public and to show the richness and diversity of Armenian cuisine.  Tolma preparing takes a long period of time and has difficult technology. Traditional “tolma” is made of grape leaves stuffed with minced spiced meat and rice. During the festival different types of tolma (more than 60) made by representatives of different villages and regions are represented.
June: Bread in the Mountains. Traditional ritual and dish festival «Bread in the Mountains» usually is held in June. The aim of the festival is to reveal forgotten national dishes and make them popular. The slogan of the festival is “Perceive your Identity through Taste”. During the festival guests can taste traditional dishes and enjoy a concert. If you want to make some dish the cooks of the festival will share their recipes with you.
June: Sheep shearing festival in Syunik region, in Alidzor village. This festival is organized by   IdEA Foundation. Sheep shearing is one of the oldest traditions during which you can watch the process , see Armenian dances and listen to national songs ,take part in sports events .Besides these ones you can taste different national dishes and take photos in national clothes. The main goal of the festival is to make Tatev and its neighborhood popular among tourists and develop economic life of the communities included in the program ,,Tatev revival’’.
July: The 1-st Saturday of July –Festival of Mulberries in Syunik region, town Goris. The purpose of the festival is to get known with traditions of making mulberry vodka and tasting it.
July: National garment festival.
July: International cinema festival “Golden Apricot“.
The First GOLDEN APRICOT Festival took place on June 30 to July 4, 2004. The festival attracted attention from all over the world while including 148 films representing over 70 filmmakers from 20 countries. The Festival international jury consisted of eminent figures in world cinema and film criticism. It was established by the “Golden Apricot” Fund for Cinema Development, the Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Armenia and Benevolent Fund for Cultural Development. The Golden Apricot International Film Festival carries the theme Crossroads of Cultures and Civilizations. The title may well serve as our impassioned mantra for building cultural bridges and fostering dialogue. It also reflects the history of Armenia itself, which for millennia has existed as a flash point for competing geopolitical forces. The festival welcomes films representing diverse ethnic groups, religions, and nations that depict the human experience, the daily lives of people, ordinary and extraordinary, their troubles and their joys, as they try to find meaning in a changing world and struggle to redefine themselves in a world that recognizes fewer and fewer boundaries

                22 July –   Watermelon Festival

The end of July  –   Raspberry Festival
August: The 2-nd Saturday of August –Festival of carpets in Dilijan, Tavush region. The Armenian carpets and carpet weaving have been developed for many centuries. You will be amazed by color and variety of ornaments of Armenian carpets. At the festival you will also be able to look at works of Armenian artists and masters and to buy their works of art.
August: The Festival of honey and berries in Berd, Tavush region. It is the sweetest and tastiest festival where you can try pure honey and even buy some for winter. You will have an opportunity to eat a lot of berries and have drinks.
September: BARBEQUE FESTIVAL in Akhtala, Lori region. If you are a barbeque lover you should come to Armenia in September. The aim of the Barbeque festival is to present and spread Armenian traditional cuisine, as well as to develop local tourism. During the festival you will have an opportunity to taste different types of traditional Armenian barbeque popular in different regions. The Festival program includes different ways of barbeque making, professional barbecue makers’ competition, home-made barbeque makers’ competition, a national song – concert and other interesting activities.
October : ARENI WINE FESTIVAL in Areni village, Vayots Dzor region. Armenia is famous for its good wine-makers and old traditions of wine-making preserved till nowadays. According to a Biblical legend, winemaking dates back to the time, when Forefather Noah planted grape vine on the slope of Mount Ararat. Archeological explorations found   seeds of grapes in Armenia and this fact proves that winemaking has history of centuries in Ararat Valley. Lots of tares and other winemaking equipment have been found in the caves of Areni village.
Traditional “Areni Wine Festival” is a great opportunity to explore Armenia. Wine producing factories and individual wine producers present their products and you will be given a chance to taste Armenian wines and find the best one for you. The program of events includes traditional dancing, singing, food making and tasting, wine-making and tasting, traditional games and competitions. There will be such contests as “Armenia in your eyes”, the best wine -label contest, “Homemade wine producers” contest and “The best souvenir of the festival” contest.
October: The International theatre festival is usually held in Yerevan, where a lot of theatre troops from different countries gather to show their talents of making best performances.
October: the 2-nd Sunday of October.- is the birthday of our capital Erebuni –Yerevan. Yerevan will be 2798 years old. Good weather, warm atmosphere, tasty food, happy people in the streets – all of these you can enjoy on this day, the birthday of our ancient but at the same time young city of Yerevan.

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