Why is Armenia the Best Place for Travels and Meetings

Why is Armenia the Best Place for Travels and Meetings

The geographical location of Armenia on the crossroad of eastern and western civilization makes it easily accessible for everyone!
Obtaining an Armenian visa is a quick and hassle free procedure while for number of countries it is not required whatsoever.
Due to its sub-tropical climate one can enjoy sunshine all seasons, which makes Armenia all year-round touristic destination with majestic landscapes of snowy mountains fresh-water lakes and sunny valleys.

The abundance of facetious, sophisticated hotel complexes and high-profile well equipped facilities makes Armenia a great venue for world-class meeting.
The rapid development of IT Sphere as well as advancement of industrial science is based on centuries old wisdom and experience.
The country which adopted Christianity in 301 AD, Alphabet in 401 AD and it’s present capital established in 2798 years ago can now rightfully be ranked as a modern center of innovations and technological progress.

Armenian stonehenge
Armenian national cuisine is a indefensible part of Armenian culture with the world known Armenian bread “lavash” being included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
Another temptation that tourists cannot resist is abundance of fresh organic sun-kissed fruits and vegetables, a wide spectrum of wine along with the claimed world famous Armenian brandy, which takes back to 1887 makes the pleasure complete.

Armenian brandyArmenia also amazes with the modern touristic attractions. Apart from ancient monuments it can take the visitors breath away with its unique technological constructions: the 5.7 kilometer aerial – tram Wings of Tatev, which is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the World’s Longest Rope-way, is an architectural masterpiece opening the view of the 4th century Tatev Monastery.

Tatev monastery
Ultimately Armenia is a place where old and new live in a genuine harmony, the country where the folk songs and national music, multi-genre performances are offered in the world-class music halls, concert centers and jazz clubs, where one can enjoy a stunning phenomenon of Armenian ethno-jazz.
The gentle climate makes the autumn the best time for open air concerts and shows. There is always an option even for a most demanding audience.

Multicultural ArmeniaThe multi-faceted, the multicultural, sunny and hospitable Armenia is thus the place where you can combine business with pleasure.
Welcome to Armenia!

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