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“Sputnik” Tour Operator welcomes you and invites you to experience an unforgettable trip to sunny Armenia, one of the most ancient countries in the world.

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Our mission

We always strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our visitors to make sure that they will feel revitalized and happy while visiting Armenia.
As the best inbound and outbound tour operator in Armenia, our main focus is on delivering high standard services for diverse requirements and budgets.
We have been successfully fulfilling our goal for more than half a century.

Our experiences

Our company is a member of IATA, ASTA and UITO (The Union of Incoming Tour operators of Armenia). We have highly skilled and qualified specialists who have long term experience in the corresponding sphere of the tourism business. Our specialists regularly take part in international tourism exhibitions in Austria, Germany, Italy, Russia and many other countries.

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Ticket sale 100%