7 Must Attend Armenian Festivals in 2017

7 Must Attend Armenian Festivals in 2017

If you are traveling to Armenia, you may be curious about Armenian festivals this year.

Having one of the oldest civilizations of the world, Armenia has many national festivals devoted to food and drinks.

Today you will be presented top 7 must attend festivals in Armenia.

  1. Jazz Fest 2017

This music festival is held every year on April 30 in Cascade Complex, one of the top places of interest for tourists. The International Jazz Day will bring together jazz musicians, bands and fans from different countries of the world and Armenia. In case, you are a jazz lover, there’s also Yerevan Jazz Fest, which is again annual festival and takes place in fall.

  1. Yerevan Wine Days

The world’s first winery was found by archeologists in a cave in Armenia, which reveals the fact that wine-making tradition dates back 6,100 years in Armenia. So, this year, for the first time Areni Festival Foundation is organizing Yerevan Wine Days from May 5 to 6 on Saryan street, across Tumanyan and Pushkin intersection, where you can taste white, red and rose wines presented by Armenian wine producers. There will be also special dishes that match best with these wines. Live folk, classical and jazz music will provide good mood during the degustation.

  1. Dolma Festival

    Dolma Festival

Make sure not to miss Dolma Festival Armenia that is planned on May 20th in Musaler, Armavir Province. Dolma is one of the most popular dishes of Armenian national cuisine. It is prepared by stuffing different veggies or wrapping in grape and cabbage leaves with minced beef or lamb mixed with rice and many spices and herbs. During the Dolma Festival you have unique opportunity to taste various types of this traditional meal with specific variations from different regions.

  1. Artsakh Mulberry Festival

    Artsakh Mulberry Festival

Visiting Armenia, you have the unique chance to visit Artsakh (aka Nagorno Karabakh), a stunning tourism destination. On the 3rd Saturday in June, Mulberry festival will take place near Amaras monastery. You will see vodka preparation and have the chance to buy and taste homemade mulberry vodka, doshab (molasses), dried mulberry, etc. Folk songs and dances will guarantee your fun mood during this festival.

  1.  Watermelon Festival

    Watermelon Festival in Armenia

This festival will be held on the 15th of July in the center of Yerevan, Swan Lake area. Carving specialists will showcase their skills on decorating watermelons. Visitors can enjoy various fun games and competitions.

  1. Barbecue Festival

    Barbecue Festival in Armenia

Most of the tourists, who visit Armenia, by all means tries Armenian barbecue – khorovats; chunks of mainly pork grilled on a skewer. Barbecue festival is planned on the 9th of September in Akhtala, Lori Province. Visitors will see different ways of making barbecue, barbecue in ground oven, barbecue in the fireplace, etc.

  1. Harisa Festival

Harisa Festival in Armenia

Harisa Festival is another annual Armenian festival. Harisa is made of chicken and wheat mixed together until it becomes like porridge.

The festival will take place on September 17, in Musaler, Armavir Province. This Memorial is dedicated to the original Musaler located in historical Armenia, as people of this territory resisted and fought against the Turkish soldiers during the Armenian Genocide and thus survived. In memory of their bravery, every year 40 pots of harisa are cooked during the festival.

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